Street Organics - upstairs venue room

1430 High Street Malvern , Melbourne, VIC 3144

Melbourne, VIC, AU, 3144

This is a hands on workshop to learn at home skin care using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

Thursday 24 August 7:00PM

Dr Abbie Acupuncture will show you how to use your own Jade Gua Sha (for facial lymphatic and brightening techniques)  to enhance your beauty regime. A short and easy technique for ALL SKIN TYPES, chemical free and completely natural.

Using facial mapping and Chinese Medicine diagnostics let Dr Abbie help you to best understand how to maintain beauty and youthful vigour easily.  Tongue and Meridian Pulse diagnostics to help get to the root of your consitution for more specific results and maintanence care.

This workshop will include your own individual high quality Jade Gua Sha tool to take home and keep. 

Learn easy foods to incorporate into your diet to nourish skin tissues, which foods to avoid for best clairty of pores, how to address rosacea, redness and how to firm and tighten forehead, eye bags and chin tucks!

Using Jade Gua Sha to:

  • Tonify muscle tone
  • Encourage circulation to the skin
  • Aid lymphatic drainage, boost “qi” and “xue” to the face
  • Clear ‘qi’ stagnations to ‘brighten’ the eyes
  • Help aleviate headaches
  • Learn to increase collagen and healing repair processes in the face and neck

Abbie presents in a no-nonsense fashion and will help guide you to understanding ancient beauty techniques used by Emperor’s Geishas and Conqubines to maintain their allure and youthfulness.  Her emphasis is on your inner beauty, and how best to reflect this on your face. She puts a big encoragement on home health care and a good giggle.

During the workshop other tools and demonstrations will be included with option to purchase should you wish too.