December De-Stress Deluxe

We know how mad and cray-cray things can get in the build up to Christmas, New Years and holidays impending all whilst trying to beat the heat that’s rising!!

So to keep you sane this season we have come with a plan to put you first!

Pain | Poor Sleep | Bloating | Gut Issues (gas😵) | Headaches | Preplanning a pregnancy

Book with Dr Edwina & discover a calm healthy new you this stress season!

December De-stress Deluxe One initial and TWO follow up consultations with herbs usually $439 – SPECIAL $350!!

(Conditions apply)

That’s THREE sessions to get a kick start on your self care, hay fever, back pain or gut issues!

With after hours and Saturday mornings available there’s no excuse holding you back from enjoying yourself this December season!

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Learn more about Dr Edwina our Estrogen Expert

Terms and Conditions

Not applicable to cosmetic acupuncture, not redeemable for products, all appointments to be used within 6 weeks of purchase and initial consult. Two herbal prescriptions included if required by diagnosis for deluxe package booking. One herbal prescription included for mini package booking. Sessions are with Dr Edwina.


Meet Dr Edwina

Meet the lovely Dr Edwina Geddes

Due to client feedback of having been treated by Dr Edwina in the past, it was a natural option to hunt this popular Doctor down and poach her for my clients!

Dr Edwina is a whizz kid with hormones.  She has a vast clinical history focusing mainly on women’s health, fertility and hormonal balancing.  She has a lovely “yin” gentle nature and also very savvy with her treatments, as she has also obtained some training in China with her studies.   Edwina is the perfect practitioner for working with estrogen and collagen for facial rejuvenation clients.

“I started my Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine career working predominantly specialising in women’s health, hormonal health, fertility and numerous other imbalances. I am dedicated and passionate about educating women in ways they are able to help build and support their own health through diet and lifestyle, rather than relying on Acupuncture and Herbs alone to improve and support optimum health.”

Edwina is available at Dr Abbie Acupuncture from Saturday 29 July – 19 August on Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

Contact the clinic 0481 825 525 to book your catch up with Edwina or book below:

PCOS and Chinese Medicine – webinar!

nyree-youtube-photoI had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Nyree from NYfit and her PCOS Game Changer Programme on options to enhance the life and well being of women on the journey (and some times feels like a battle) with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Nyree put me through my paces to find out how Chinese Medicine relates to this “Specific” diagnosis given to women with hormonal imbalances.

As I have said many times before, it can be a bit difficult to explain ALL the paradigms in Traditional Chinese Medicine as some of the terms contradict in English translation, so when we refer to “the Liver” or “the Heart”, whilst there are correlations to the physical function of that organ and is health system, in Traditional Chinese Medicine we are actually referring to “the health and energy system of ,(for example) The Gan (Liver)”, which can be tricky to understand from a biological and physiological perspective.

In this interview I gave some health tips for a better period, happier mindset (even on crappy ‘hormonal days’), and explained why it is a good thing that Traditional Chinese Medicine ignores your Western Diagnosis – and can effectively treat you any way 😛



breakfast bake

If you are time poor and feeling guilty that you  find yourself frequenting cafes too frequently for all (and any) meals that can fit in a paper bag and be consumed on the go then this beauty is for you.

Sugar free (yay), dairy free (yay yay), vegan (yay because we can!) and optional fat-free (whoOop)

Apple and Banana breakfast loaf